Worksheet – Amount of Token that Increases Redeem Value

For example:

If the TRX redeem value is 1.15 and Sesameseed mints 100,000 SEED on a given day, then 100,000 * 1.15 = 115,000 TRX needed to back every new SEED that was just minted at the current redeem value.

In other words, Sesameseed would need to earn 115,000 TRX per day just to keep the redeem value the same.

If we earn 116,000 TRX, then that leaves over an extra 1000 TRX to increase the redeem value (each SEED is worth a bit more TRX now).

If we earn 114,000 TRX, then the TRX redeem value would decrease. (However, this means the redeem value of another blockchain is going up. The total redeem value will increase that day.)