Why Should I Hold SEED?

SEED holders get benefits that no other token can offer, since SEED is fully backed and crosschain.

The following list of benefits comes from the post: Why Should I Stake for Sesameseed.”

  • Every SEED is fully backed by an increasing amount of node rewards, verifiable on-chain. You can redeem SEED at any time for these rewards from all the different blockchains.
  • SEED automatically compounds your rewards every day. Maximize your rewards with zero effort. Truly passive earning.
  • Earn rewards from multiple blockchains at the same time. SEED can act as a “crypto portfolio” all in one token. Holding SEED is like staking on multiple blockchains at once.
  • Every time Sesameseed adds a new chain, it increases the value of all SEED, including the ones you’ve already accumulated.
  • SEED is on multiple blockchains, and all SEED is equal. SEED can easily be swapped between blockchains.
  • The Sesameseed community is very welcoming and helpful