What is SEED token?

SEED is a multi-chain rewards tokens that can be earned by staking with Sesameseed on any one of a number of different blockchains. Each SEED is backed by the node reward tokens earned by Sesameseed on those different blockchains. The SEED rewards economy is designed to be the easiest way to earn the best staking rewards over time.  

SEED can be redeemed at any time for these multi-chain rewards in Sesameseed’s staking wallet, Sprout.  Every day more node rewards are used to increase the total redeem value. SEED can also be purchased or sold on an exchange, historically at a price well above the redeem value. 

Holding SEED is desirable since it:

These features make SEED the easiest way to maximize staking rewards from multiple blockchains at once.

The following video is a great overview of the SEED rewards economy: