What Can I Do with SEED?

This is a question we often get from our new community members. Welcome!

First off, to receive all the amazing benefits of SEED, you don’t actually have to do anything. Just hold SEED in any wallet and everything ‘automagically’ happens. This includes automatic staking, passive compounding, and SEED Rewards Bonus.

Here are some other unique things you can do with SEED in our custom staking wallet, Sprout:

  • Swap it between blockchains on which Sesameseed operates. If you’re holding SEED on Harmony and have heard about this TRON blockchain and want to try it out, just swap some Harmony-SEED to TRON-SEED and just like that, you’re on a new blockchain. Your SEED still earns the same rewards.
  • SEED can be redeemed for its redeem value. Sprout will create addresses for you on each chain. So no matter which SEED you’re redeeming, you will have access to the full redeem value. (Please note that claimable balance for each pegged coin needs to be at least 1 before it can enter your wallet.

Of course, you can also buy or sell SEED on exchanges at market price.