How to Stake on TRON in Sprout

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Stake Now” 
  3. Login with your TRON address.
  4. Click “Stake” 
  5. Read the introduction and click “Next Step” 
  6. Select Tron in the Network screen and click Next Step 
  7. Click Freeze in order to freeze TRX to be able to stake, if you have TRX frozen already please skip to step 10.  
  8. Select “Freeze and then select Bandwidth or Energy to earn while the TRX is frozen (click here to learn more about Bandwidth and Energy) and Set the amount to freeze 
  9. Confirm the freeze action 
  10. Enter the desired staking amount and click Next step. Staking amount must be equal or less than total frozen TRX.
  11. Review and Submit to complete the staking process.