Transparency Section – Sprout

Sesameseed earns node rewards from represented blockchains through community staking. Rewards are distributed to the community in the form of SEED token. The SEED allocated to each blockchain is split between the community of native stakers, Sesameseed Opex accounts, and SEEDGerminator accounts.

There are several different types of accounts included in this transparency section located in Sprout, our staking wallet:

  1. Redeem Accounts – contain all the native tokens that are backing the redeem value of SEED. If funds have been moved in the past from a redeem account (to another redeem account), the address remains in the transparency section so the transactions can be viewed on the blockchain.

  2. Opex Accounts – The portion of daily minted SEED allocated for Sesameseed operating expenses.

  3. SEEDGerminator Accounts – The portion of daily minted SEED allocated to SEEDGerminator. (Currently all this SEED is distributed as Ont-SEED on the Ontology blockchain, but this can change and will be reflected in this transparency section.)

  4. Burn Accounts – These are addresses where SEED is sent when they are burned, or accomplished via the token smart contract where applicable . SEED may be burned when it is redeemed or swapped between blockchains. Burning SEED removes them from existence.

  5. Vault Account – This account exists on TRON since SEED was the first token ever created on the network, before the existence of TRC20 smart contract tokens. Daily rewards on TRON are “minted” using this vault account. The amount of SEED in this account is not counted in the circulating supply of SEED. When SEED on TRON becomes a TRC20 token and SEED can be minted via smart contract, the remaining SEED in this address will be burned.

The Medium article on this Transparency section can be found here: LINK