Sprout will support Harmony ONE staking with Sesameseed

Sesameseed is thrilled to announce that Sprout by Sesameseed is Harmony’s preferred wallet for staking ONE.

Sprout is a comprehensive, decentralized blockchain tool designed to provide a simple and secure blockchain experience to holders of digital assets. Sprout is built as the premiere staking wallet making it easy to maximize the rewards available for holding digital assets. It seeks to motivate beginner and advanced coin holders to stake directly on the blockchain while securely maintaining ownership of their own private keys.

Easy to use Harmony wallet creation, sending and receiving ONE, and ONE staking will be available after Sprout’s public launch.

Sprout will also allow for ease in staking to Sesameseed’s Harmony nodes. Sesameseed’s community-focused rewards economy provides people staking their digital assets the easiest way to earn better rewards over time than can be earned by other staking options. To learn more about Sesameseed and the SEED rewards token, see the video, Sesameseed Docs and blog.

Sprout already has additional Harmony functionality planned for the future. The release timeline for additional features is not yet set but development is already underway.