Sesameseed Token Continues to Evolve

When the TRON MainNet launched in June 2018, Sesameseed took great pride in creating the first ever token on the network, SEED — token ID 100001 .

Blockchain technology and token standards have continued to evolve since the creation of the first SEED, as has SEED itself. SEED is now a multi-chain community rewards token which brings together people from many different communities to unity behind their common interest in SEED and what it represents.

Sesameseed is known for innovation in the blockchain space, and providing the benefits of that innovation to the Sesameseed community. Sesameseed continues to adapt and evolve to take advantage of opportunities that will benefit SEED holders. In order to better accomplish this, the SEED token must evolve as well. The TRC10 token standard available at the time SEED was created on the TRON blockchain does not allow any updating of the token functionality. As Sesameseed works toward increasing the reliability of its processes and ensuring they are sustainable into the future, it has become clear that allowing for fractions of SEED to be transacted on TRON will become essential. Rather than invest resources in refining the current infrastructure that supports the current TRC10 SEED, Sesameseed will be moving forward with creating a new TRON SEED token that will be able to achieve precision. This will allow a more simplified method for SEED holders to utilize future SEED utilities such as Sprout and crosschain swapping of the SEED token.

It is expected that this upgrade will be complete by the first quarter of 2020. Sesameseed feels it is important to inform the community this change is coming, even if the exact details are not yet available for release. Details on how this will be accomplished are still under review and will not be announced until they are final. The new TRON SEED token’s protocol, method of replacement, and exact time frame for release will be announced in the coming weeks.

For the most up to date information on the coming upgrade to the SEED token join the Sesameseed Announcements channel on Telegram.