How do I Sell My SEED?

SEED can be bought or sold on the exchanges listed below, historically at a market price well above the redeem value. So as the redeem value rises over time, this may also influence the market value to go up over time.

Remember, SEED can be swapped between blockchains, so if you earn Harmony-SEED and want to sell it, you can just log into Sprout and swap it for a TRON-SEED or Ont-SEED to take advantage of the exchange rates on either blockchain. You could also buy SEED and store it on any blockchain. It will always earn you the same rewards.

There are many exchanges on TRON on which SEED is listed (most of which are available through the browser on TronWallet mobile wallet):

Sesameseed developed a decentralized exchange (DEX). The dex is available with Cyano wallet and ONTO wallet.

Please note that Sesameseed itself does not sell any SEED. We distribute it daily as rewards for staking to any of our SEED nodes.