SEED Rewards Bonus (Formerly: Participation Power)

To understand SEED Rewards Bonus, first you have to understand that holding SEED is like holding the tokens in the redeem value, and those tokens are automatically staking for you and earning you rewards.

Sesameseed itself has accounts which hold SEED. These can be its Operating Expense accounts, or SEEDGerminator accounts. These SEED are earning rewards through automatic staking.

However, Sesameseed does not keep these rewards. Instead, they are distributed proportionally to all other SEED holders. So while your SEED entitles you to a certain amount of rewards, you will actually earn more than that. This increased rate of rewards is what we call the SEED Rewards Bonus.

Each blockchain will have its own SEED Rewards Bonus.

Redeem Value (TRX) = 1.15
SEED Rewards Bonus (TRON) = 1.5
This means that each SEED on TRON is equivalent to voting with 1.5 TRX, even though the redeem value is only 1.15 TRX.