How is SEED Distributed?

(If this is your first time hearing about SEED, start here: What is SEED?)

The short version: Sesameseed earns node rewards on each represented blockchain. Some blockchains give out more node rewards than others. If a blockchain contributes more node rewards to the system, then that blockchain gets more of the daily minted SEED.

The key point to realize is that Sesameseed has designed a system which is flexible enough to create custom rewards structures for each blockchain. This preserves the ability to provide competitive rewards on new and existing represented blockchains, while favoring growth in the redeem value of all SEED over time. 

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While there are many calculations that must be done in order to get the exact SEED distribution for any given day, the process can be broken down into 5 basic steps.

1) Please read about these 5 steps in this article:

2) In order to help understand the entire minting and distribution system, Sesameseed has created a Worksheet that can be downloaded. This worksheet is designed to aid in understanding how Sesameseed mints and distributes SEED to all represented blockchains for daily rewards. It can also be used to create hypothetical projections of how daily rewards might change and influence the growth of SEED’s redeem value based on information provided by the user. This can help the community understand how the SEED rewards economy might look once additional blockchains are added.

Download the worksheet here: SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet
The article and instructions for this worksheet are here:

Here is a video that briefly explains the SEED Rewards Economy: