Rewards Policies: Ontology

1. Node Type
SEED node or Test Node

Ontology: SEED Node

2. Native Token Split
The percentage/quantity of node rewards used to mint SEED

Ontology: 100%

3. Sesameseed Subsidy
Amount of node rewards offered by Sesameseed as an additional subsidy.

If there is a subsidy currently being offered on Ontology, it will be listed here.

4. SEED Split
Percentage of daily minted SEED distributed to [Sesameseed communitySEEDGerminatorOpex]

Ontology: 80-10-10

5. Wallet Creation Tutorial
How to Create a Wallet on TRON (Sprout)

6. Sprout Staking Tutorial
How to Stake on Onotology in Sprout

7. Additional Information
Staking to Sesameseed on Ontology must be done through our custom made governance contract. The easiest way to accomplish this is by staking on Sprout, or using the Dapp section in OWallet.