Rewards Policies: ICON

  1. Node Type
    SEED nodeor Test Node
    ICON: SEED node
  2. Native Token Split
    The percentage/quantity of node rewards used to mint SEED

    ICON: 0%

  3. Sesameseed Subsidy
    Amount of node rewards offered by Sesameseed as an additional subsidy.

    ICON: $150 USD equivalent each day. Please see Medium article.

  4. SEED Split
    Percentage of daily minted SEED distributed to [Sesameseed community– SEEDGerminator – Opex]

    ICON: 80-10-10

  5. Wallet Creation Tutorial
    How to Create a Sprout Wallet (Multiple Blockchains)

    Note: support for ICON in Sproutis not yet available.

  6. Staking Tutorial
    How to Stake on ICON using ICONex
  7. Additional Information
    Community stakers will also receive ICX rewards directly from the ICON blockchain to their staking address.