Minimum Percentage of Theoretical SEED to Increase Redeem Value – Worksheet

This is a Policy set by Sesameseed.

Every day, a minimum of 10% of theoretical SEED is not minted in order to ensure an amount of node rewards are used to increase the total redeem value of SEED.

For any SEED that is not minted, the node rewards that would have been required to back those SEED can now be used instead to increase the redeem value of existing SEED.

[When using the Worksheet, for fun you can play around with this percentage and see how SEED minting would be impacted if this policy was changed.
For example, if 50% of daily node rewards were used to increase the redeem value, then not a lot of SEED could be minted, and daily rewards would go down. However, the redeem value of all SEED would increase very rapidly.]