How to Link/Unlink Wallets in Sprout

  1. Login with your Sprout Wallet
  2. Click on “Settings” page 
  3. Under “Manage Your Address” Scroll down to the blockchain you wish to link 
  4. Click on “Link Account” 
  5. Select a login method (Private Key or Browser Wallet) 
  6. Select the blockchain you wish to link and import your PK 
  7. Click Submit to complete the linking action

Note: If you link wallets this way, you will need to sign each transaction with a private key. For exampe, if sending TRON tokens, you’ll need to sign with the pk from your TRON wallet. If sending Harmony tokens, you ‘ll need to use the pk from your Harmony wallet.

If you create a mnemonic account, you will not need to sign any transactions with a private key. As well, whenever Sesameseed adds a new blockchain to its SEED rewards economy, a wallet will automatically be created for you on that chain.