Can I use Ledger with SEED or Sprout wallet?

Whilst Ledger support for Sprout Wallet is intended in the future, this is not supported at the current time.

Ledger Live has also not yet integrated Ledger Live support for TRON SEED since the swap from TRC10 to TRC20 SEED in August 2020.

It is however possible to store and transfer your TRON SEED using a Ledger device via a third party TRON wallet that supports Ledger integration.

At the present time, the Tronlink browser extension which is available in the Chrome Webstore supports Ledger TRON SEED functionality. Also, you can use your ledger with Tronscan to interact with SEED. Both these options allow you to store SEED with your Ledger device and to interact with uTrade and other decentralized exchanges via your Ledger.

On Tronlink wallet, you may need to add SEED as a custom TRC20 token using the TRON SEED contract address in order to view your SEED: TBwoSTyywvLrgjSgaatxrBhxt3DGpVuENh

In order utilise your Ledger to transfer SEED, you will need to enable custom contracts on your ledger device as follows:

 1. Turn on your Ledger device and open the TRON app (you may need to delete and redownload the latest version of the app. This will not impact your funds);

 2. Whilst on the TRON app on your Ledger device, scroll to the “custom contracts” setting;

 3. You will note that custom contracts are disabled by default, you can enable custom contracts by clicking both buttons on your Ledger device.

Once you have enabled custom contracts, you can use your Ledger device to sign transactions relating to TRON SEED.

*This article was contributed by a Sesameseed community member, “Serial Shiller.”