How to Redeem SEED

  1. Login with your Sprout Wallet
  2. Click “Redeem” 
  3. In the “Redeem SEED” section, select the SEED you wish to redeem (All SEED has the same redeem value)
  4. Enter amount and click “Continue”
  5. Approve and Submit the total estimate for the redeem value  
  6. Click “yes” in the prompt 
    • Enter your private key for the blockchain “From” if prompted 

Important notes: 

  • If the total redeemed value is greater than (1) Token, then the full redeem value for that pegged token is sent straight to your wallet 
  • If the total redeemed value is less than (1) Token, then the redeem value will be stored in the “UNREDEEMED FRACTIONS” section. 
  • Redeemed value is sent to “UNREDEEMED FRACTIONS” if there is no linked wallet for that blockchain.