How Does Ontology Staking Work?

When you stake your ONT to a node, you are essentially voting for that node to have the ability to produce blocks on the network.

Stakes are counted during set periods of time, called Staking Rounds. Staking Rounds last 60,000 blocks.

If you stake before a round starts, your stake isn’t authorized and it doesn’t count. As soon as the next round starts, your stake becomes authorized and it counts. You’re now eligible to earn rewards for staking.

Once your stake has become authorized, you cannot unstake it until that round has ended. Your ONT will then be pending for an additional round, and when that round ends you will be able to get your ONT back.

Sesameseed Makes it Simple

As soon as you stake your ONT with Sesameseed, you will begin earning daily rewards. You don’t need to worry about Staking Rounds and becoming authorized.