How Can I Stake with Sesameseed on Ontology?

NOTE: Please be aware that Ontology Foundation has changed their governance structure as of July 2020. As of August 1, 2020, you can stake for Sesameseed anywhere that Ontology staking is supported (no need to use the custom Dapp anymore).

Sesameseed has simplified staking and introduced the ability to stake with as little as 1 ONT on Ontology Network.

The simplest way to stake for Sesameseed on Ontology is through Sprout, our custom multi-chain staking wallet and SEED utility resource.

Currently there are two other ways to stake:

Cyano wallet

Cyano wallet is a browser extension for Ontology Network.


Note: If you do not see the Dapps icon in the sidebar of your OWallet, please upgrade to the latest version. This is the ONLY way to earn SEED rewards using this wallet.

OWallet is a desktop wallet for Ontology Network.

Additional wallets will soon offer support for participation with Sesameseed!

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