Current SEED Minting and Distribution Policies

Current SEED Nodes (Blockchains):
Harmony, Ontology, TRON, ICON

Sesameseed has created a SEED Minting and Distribution System which can be customized for each represented blockchain in order to preserve the most competitive daily rewards for new and existing native stakers.

This level of customization occurs due to the policy decisions that are in place on each blockchain. For an in-depth analysis of how these various policies impact daily SEED distribution, please read our Medium article (Link to Article) and then download the SEED Minting and Distribution Worksheet (download link).

1. Native Token Split
The percentage/quantity of node rewards used to mint SEED

Harmony: 100%
Ontology: 100%
TRON: 100%
ICON: 0%

2. Sesameseed Subsidy
Amount of node rewards offered by Sesameseed as an additional subsidy.

There is a daily $150 USD (equivalent) subsidy on ICON. Read more here.

3. SEED Split
Percentage of daily minted SEED distributed to [Sesameseed communitySEEDGerminatorOpex]

Harmony: 80-10-10
Ontology: 80-10-10
TRON: 80-10-10
ICON: 80-10-10