Compounding Rewards

Every SEED you hold in your wallet automatically counts as stake on all the blockchains that Sesameseed operates a SEED node. This is possible since every SEED is pegged to various tokens which stake on different chains.

For example, if SEED has a redeem value of 1.5 TRX and 1 ONE, if you hold 1 SEED in your wallet, it is like staking on TRON with 1.5 TRX and staking on Harmony with 1 ONE (Actually, it is even better than that thanks to SEED Rewards Bonus!)

So each day you hold SEED, you’ll be entitled to more rewards than you were the day before without having to do anything.

SEED earns more SEED every day.*

*Please note: Compounding occurs at a rate that is dependent on total node rewards earned by Sesameseed each day. As well, if less than the minimum fraction of SEED is earned daily (0.000001), then it will not be possible to distribute SEED to your wallet, and your rewards will not compound.