Rewards Policies: TRON

Daily Rewards, TRON
1. Node TypeSEED node or Test NodeTRON: SEED Node 2. Native Token SplitThe percentage/quantity of node rewards used to mint SEEDTRON: 100% 3. Sesameseed SubsidyAmount of node rewards offered by Sesameseed as an additional subsidy.If there is a subsidy currently being offered on TRON it will...

How to Send TRON Tokens on Sprout

Sprout, TRON
Log in with your TRON Wallet Click on “Send”Select TRON from the blockchain selector Select a token from the token selector.Input transfer amount and the receiving address and click “Next Step” Review and Submit to complete the transaction.

How to Create a TRON Wallet in Sprout

Sprout, TRON
Go to Sprout.Sesameseed.orgClick “Stake Now” Click on “Private Key” in the login page Select TRON from the blockchain selection and click “Create New”  New TRON Wallet is generated. Click Submit to login with your newly created TRON Wallet.

How do I Sell My SEED?

Daily Rewards, Ontology, SEED, Seedit, TRON
SEED can be bought or sold on the exchanges listed below, historically at a market price well above the redeem value. So as the redeem value rises over time, this may also influence the market value to go up over time. Remember, SEED can be swapped between blockchains, so if you earn Harmony...

What is Tronscan?

Tronscan is TRON's block explorer. A block explorer is where you can view all the transactions on the network, as well as other relevant information.

What is a Super Representative (SR)?

On TRON, the top 27 block producers with the most votes are called Super Representatives. They govern the network and vote on proposals for updates, etc. SR's are rewarded by TRON for running nodes and producing blocks. SR's need to be voted in by people staking their TRX to them. Sesameseed ...

What’s the best TRON wallet to use?

Sesameseed has custom built its own multi-chain staking wallet designed to help you maximize your staking rewards. This non-custodial wallet is called Sprout. It is highly recommended to use this wallet and create an account using a mnemonic phrase. Sprout has unique features which cannot be f...

Benefits of SEED

Holding SEED has many benefits. Here are some of them: SEED automatically participates on all its blockchains. This means just holding SEED is like voting with TRX, and staking with ONT, and (soon) staking on Harmony, all at the same time. Since SEED automatically participates, it also earns...