SEED Bridge

The SEED Bridge provides UniFi protocol users access to the cross-chain, DeFi building block known as SEED swap.  SEED is a multi-chain token, backed by an increasing redeem value generated by Sesameseed’s blockchain node rewards.  SEED has the unique property of being equal on all repre...

Why Should I Hold SEED?

A Guide to Sesameseed and SEED, SEED
SEED holders get benefits that no other token can offer, since SEED is fully backed and crosschain. The following list of benefits comes from the post: Why Should I Stake for Sesameseed." Every SEED is fully backed by an increasing amount of node rewards, verifiable on-chain. You can redee...

Why Should I Stake for Sesameseed?

A Guide to Sesameseed and SEED, SEED
Staking for Sesameseed is a completely unique opportunity which no other node operator can offer. This is because Sesameseed distributes rewards as SEED token. Every SEED is fully backed by an increasing amount of node rewards, verifiable on-chain. You can redeem SEED at any time for these re...

Current SEED Minting and Distribution Policies

Daily Rewards, SEED
Current SEED Nodes (Blockchains):Harmony, Ontology, TRON Sesameseed has created a SEED Minting and Distribution System which can be customized for each represented blockchain in order to preserve the most competitive daily rewards for new and existing native stakers. This level of customiz...

SEED Node Rewards -Worksheet

Daily Rewards, SEED
The total amount of node rewards earned by the SEED node on each blockchain in a given day. Note: some blockchains, like Ontology, only reward nodes monthly. So that amount is divided by approximately 30 days.

Sesameseed’s Share of SEED – Worksheet

Daily Rewards, SEED
The SEED Split dictates how much of the minted SEED is allocated for the community and how much is retained by Sesameseed. In this worksheet, the Sesameseed portion includes Opex and SEEDGerminator together. Sesameseed reserves the right to select the blockchain on which to receive its SEED.

Minimum Percentage of Theoretical SEED to Increase Redeem Value – Worksheet

Daily Rewards, SEED
This is a Policy set by Sesameseed. Every day, a minimum of 10% of theoretical SEED is not minted in order to ensure an amount of node rewards are used to increase the total redeem value of SEED. For any SEED that is not minted, the node rewards that would have been required to back those...

Worksheet – Glossary of Terms

Daily Rewards, SEED
Line 1.1.2 - SEED Node Rewards Line 1.1.3 - Minting Portion Line 1.1.6 - Native Token Split Line 1.1.6 - Policy Line 1.1.7 - SEED Split Line 1.1.8 - Sesameseed Subsidy Line 2.1.1 - Redeem Value Line 2.3.1 - Amount of [Native Token] backing all SEED Line 3.1.2 - Community-H...

Worksheet – SEED Holders Share of Minted SEED

Daily Rewards, SEED
Please refer back to this post about how daily SEED distributed to each blockchain is shared by native stakers on that chain and SEED holders on any blockchain. SEED holders on any blockchain get a share of the daily minted SEED that is distributed to all the blockchains. This is one of the m...

Worksheet – SEED for Native Stakers and SEED holders

Daily Rewards, SEED
On every represented blockchain, community staking for Sesameseed can be viewed as coming from two different groups: Native stakers - those staking with the native token to the SEED nodeSEED holders - since every SEED is backed by native tokens, and those native tokens stake to SEED nodes on e...