How To Send Harmony Tokens from Sprout

Harmony, Sprout
Log in with your Harmony Wallet Click on “Send”Select Harmony from the blockchain selector Select a token from the token selector.Select Shard to send from AND shard to send to Input transfer amount and the receiving address and click “Next Step” Review and Submit to complete ...

How To Create a Harmony Wallet in Sprout

Harmony, Sprout
Go to Sprout.Sesameseed.orgClick “Stake Now” Click on “Private Key” in the login page Select Harmony from the blockchain selection and click “Create New”  New Harmony Wallet is generated. Click Submit to login with your newly created Harmony Wallet.

How to Stake (Delegate) on Harmony in Sprout

Harmony, Sprout
 Login with your Harmony WalletClick on “Stake” Read the introductionSelect Harmony from the blockchain Selector Enter the Amount you wish to stake and click “Next Step” (The minimum stake is 1000 ONE)Review and Submit to complete the staking progress. Note: You must leave...

Why does it say 100% Commission Rate?

Daily Rewards, Harmony
Sesameseed is unique in that it does not reward ONE on the Harmony blockchain. We only reward our stakers in SEED, and the same is true for any blockchain on which we operate a SEED node. So the ONE that is earned by the node is placed into the redeem value of SEED.