What is the 80-10-10 Model?

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Since June 2018 when Sesameseed begain operating, Sesameseed distributed 80% of daily minted SEED to its community of stakers and SEED holders. Each day:80% of minted SEED goes to native stakers and SEED holders. 10% of minted SEED goes to SEEDGerminator.10% of minted SEED goes to Opex. W...

What is the Current Redeem Value?

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The current redeem value can always be seen in Sprout, the official staking wallet created by Sesameseed. This wallet is the home for all your staking and SEED portfolio needs, such as redeem and swap. sprout.sesameseed.org

What is a Redeem Value?

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(Note: this term used to be known as the Pegged Value, so you might see community members call it "the peg.") Every day Sesameseed earns node rewards from different blockchains. Sesameseed keeps those rewards in reserve and instead distributes SEED token back to its stakers. Every SEED token i...

How Do I Stake My SEED?

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You don’t need to! By simply holding SEED on any blockchain, it will start earning you daily rewards. 

How is SEED Distributed?

A Guide to Sesameseed and SEED, Daily Rewards, General, SEED
(If this is your first time hearing about SEED, start here: What is SEED?) The short version: Sesameseed earns node rewards on each represented blockchain. Some blockchains give out more node rewards than others. If a blockchain contributes more node rewards to the system, then that blockchain...

When Does Sesameseed Give Out Rewards?

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Sesameseed distributes SEED every day. Typically this occurs around 0:00 UTC. Please note that less than 0.000001 SEED cannot be sent out. Related Topics:-I Didn't Get My Rewards-SEED Distribution-What is SEED? -Benefits of SEED

Automatic Staking

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SEED is backed by coins that can stake on their blockchains. (Redeem Value) So the TRX backing SEED stakes on TRON, and the ONE backing SEED stakes on Harmony...etc Sesameseed scans all represented blockchains for addresses with SEED, and counts those SEED tokens as stake. This means that wit...

What is Sesameseed?

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Sesameseed is a multi-chain digital asset staking community which started as a grassroots social media campaign in April 2018. Sesameseed’s unique rewards structure, fueled by the SEED rewards token, provides stakers better rewards over time than can be earned through other staking options. T...