Sesameseed Community

Becoming a part of the Sesameseed community is really easy! All you have to do is stake for a Sesameseed SEED node on any of our represented blockchains and start earning SEED. Holding SEED is how Sesameseed identifies blockchain addresses as members of the Sesameseed community. This allows SEED ...

Transparency Section – Sprout

General, Sprout
Sesameseed earns node rewards from represented blockchains through community staking. Rewards are distributed to the community in the form of SEED token. The SEED allocated to each blockchain is split between the community of native stakers, Sesameseed Opex accounts, and SEEDGerminator accounts. ...

What is a Native Token?

Every blockchain has a native token. For example, on TRON it is TRX. On Harmony it is ONE.On Ontology, it is both ONT and ONG. Usually these native stokens are what people stake in order to earn rewards. See Native Stakers.

What is a Native Staker?

Each blockchain has a native token. For example, on TRON it is TRX. On Harmony, it is ONE. On Ontology, it is both ONT and ONG. A native staker is someone who holds a native token and stakes it to Sesameseed on a SEED node.

Policy Decision

Daily Rewards, General
This is a very broad term. For the purpose of this post, a policy decision refers to a variable of the SEED minting and distribution process that is set by Sesameseed for each represented blockchain. For the most up-to-date information on the current policies in place for each blockchain, ple...

SEED Rewards Economy

General, SEED
The SEED rewards economy is how SEED is minted and distributed on all represented blockchains. Some factors which play a part in this economy include but are not limited to: total native token staked for Sesameseedtotal native token staked on each blockchainredeem value on each blockchainci...

What is Opex?

Opex is short for Operating Expenses. Sesameseed can continue operating its SEED nodes on all represented blockchains with its share of rewards from daily distribution. Sesameseed has a Transparency section in Sprout where you can track the Opex accounts on each blockchain. Please see ...

What is a Represented Blockchain

Sesameseed operates SEED nodes on multiple blockchains. Any blockchain on which a SEED node exists is called a "represented blockchain." Essentially, a represented blockchain is "any blockchain on which Sesameseed is giving out SEED rewards."

Sesameseed in One Page

A Guide to Sesameseed and SEED, General
When Sesameseed adds more blockchains to the SEED rewards economy, new community members are often hearing about Sesameseed for the first time. We created this resource as a handy guide for getting to know just what Sesameseed is all about, and how earning SEED can maximize your rewards.Sesamesee...

Can I Hold My SEED in {blank} Wallet?

Daily Rewards, General, SEED
YES! You can hold your SEED in any wallet on any blockchain on which Sesameseed operates a SEED node and get all the benefits of SEED. It is highly recommended to hold your SEED in our custom staking wallet, Sprout. That's where you'll find a lot of unique features you won't find in any o...