SEED Split

Daily Rewards, SEED
This is a policy decision made by Sesameseed, specific for each represented blockchain. This is a variable policy, which means it may change. After the correct number of SEED have been minted, they need to be distributed proportionally to each represented blockchain. On each blockchain, t...

Why does it say 100% Commission Rate?

Daily Rewards, Harmony
Sesameseed is unique in that it does not reward ONE on the Harmony blockchain. We only reward our stakers in SEED, and the same is true for any blockchain on which we operate a SEED node. So the ONE that is earned by the node is placed into the redeem value of SEED.

Can I Hold My SEED in {blank} Wallet?

Daily Rewards, General, SEED
YES! You can hold your SEED in any wallet on any blockchain on which Sesameseed operates a SEED node and get all the benefits of SEED. It is highly recommended to hold your SEED in our custom staking wallet, Sprout. That's where you'll find a lot of unique features you won't find in any o...

Where Can I Buy SEED?

Daily Rewards, SEED
We love this question! Of course, the easiest way to earn SEED is to stake for Sesameseed on any SEED node. However, if that doesn't satisfy your itch for more SEED, there are a few exchanges on which you can buy and sell SEED. (Ontology) Pl...

What Can I Do with SEED?

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This is a question we often get from our new community members. Welcome! First off, to receive all the amazing benefits of SEED, you don't actually have to do anything. Just hold SEED in any wallet and everything 'automagically' happens. This includes automatic staking, passive compounding, a...

What is Staking?

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A Proof-of-Stake blockchain requires node operators to run the network. In other words, someone needs to make sure the system is working and transactions are being recorded. By producing blocks where transactions are recorded, node operators ensure the stability of the blockchain. For their s...

SEED is a Multi-Chain Rewards Token

Daily Rewards, SEED
Sesameseed has been operating nodes on multiple blockchains since 2018 and distributing SEED as a rewards token. All the node rewards earned on those different chains have been placed into the redeem value of SEED. SEED can be redeemed for these multi-chain rewards at any time in Sprout, the ...

Sesameseed Succeeds when the Community Succeeds

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The goals of Sesameseed and its community are aligned and mutually beneficial. The follow paragraph demonstrates how SEED holders benefit as Sesameseed earns more staking rewards. Blockchain rewards are placed into the redeem value of SEED. Those rewards are staked to provide increased reward...

How is SEED Minted?

Daily Rewards, General, SEED
On most blockchains, SEED is not pre-mined. Minting is the act of creating SEED. SEED is minted in proportion to the amount of node rewards earned by Sesameseed. There is no other way to create SEED. The equation for how much SEED is minted per day is: SEED Minted ≤ (Node Rewards / Re...

How do I Sell My SEED?

Daily Rewards, Ontology, SEED, Seedit, TRON
SEED can be bought or sold on the exchanges listed below, historically at a market price well above the redeem value. So as the redeem value rises over time, this may also influence the market value to go up over time. Remember, SEED can be swapped between blockchains, so if you earn Harmony...