What is the 80-10-10 Model?

Since June 2018 when Sesameseed begain operating, Sesameseed distributed 80% of daily minted SEED to its community of stakers and SEED holders.

Each day:
80% of minted SEED goes to native stakers and SEED holders.
10% of minted SEED goes to SEEDGerminator.
10% of minted SEED goes to Opex.

When Sesameseed went multi-chain in mid-2019, the SEED Minting and Distribution System was upgraded to be able to maximize rewards on each chain while simultaneously grow the redeem value of SEED.

The 80-10-10 model is subject to change at any time and can be customized differently for each blockchain as part of Sesameseed’s commitment to providing the best rewards on all chains in the SEED Rewards Economy.

See the post on SEED Distribution for more details.